Big Game, Small World
Called for Traveling
ONE: Almonte, Ontario—Duck on a Rock
TWO: Lithuania—Forest Brothers in Short Pants
THREE: Poland—The Sultans of Zloty
FOUR: Switzerland—Please Do Not Air Your Dirty Laundry
FIVE: Celebration, Florida—Communities of Three
SIX: Italy—Strength vs. Virtue
SEVEN: Sarajevo Airport—Prisoners of War
EIGHT: Bosnia—The Woman Who Sells Men
NINE: Peoria—Crossover Dreamers
TEN: Eastern Kansas—Driving Mister John
ELEVEN: El Paso—The Bear in Winter
TWELVE: Whiteriver, Arizona—Shoots From the Sky
THIRTEEN: Boone, North Carolina—Mayberry Friends
FOURTEEN: Ireland—To Build a Gym
FIFTEEN: Israel—The Long Arm of the Law of Return
SIXTEEN: The Philippines—Madness and Mimicry
SEVENTEEN: China—Qiao Dan, Celestial Citizen
EIGHTEEN: Philadelphia—Quaker Meeting House
NINETEEN: Brazil—Women of the Laughing Blood
TWENTY: Des Moines—Unguarded Moments
TWENTY-ONE: Japan—A Journey of a Thousand Miles, Begun with a Single Shot
TWENTY-TWO: Bhutan—Gross National Hoopiness
TWENTY-THREE: Washington, D.C.—Going to the Next Level
TWENTY-FOUR: France—The "I Love This Game" Theory of Conflict Prevention
TWENTY-FIVE: Angola—Lasme’s Plane Will Be Arriving Shortly
TWENTY-SIX: Kansas City—To Rest, Rather Than to Mischief
TWENTY-SEVEN: Princeton, New Jersey—Through the Back Door

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