Big Game, Small World
Jacket-Flap Copy
In this glorious, globetrotting adventure of a book, intrepid Sports Illustrated writer Alexander Wolff explores how the American-born sport of basketball seems to obsess everyone—from schoolchildren in China to presidential candidates, from Brazil's female versions of Magic and Larry to a generation of gifted Yugoslav players whose lives were shattered by war. Visiting sixteen different countries and ten states in North America, talking to former greats and great unknowns, Wolff creates a living atlas of roundball and uncovers all the ways we all love this game.

Among the highlights of Big Game, Small World are Wolff's delightful expositions on:

Basketball in Bhutan, where the king has a private basketball tutor and hoops helped save the monarchy—and ward off a war.

Life on the run inside a Polish basketball league, where Americans play for their last chance and the Polish players know they are lucky to get paid.

Shelly Pennefather, a former sharpshooting Villanova star who played professionally in Japan—before taking a vow of enclosure and becoming a cloistered nun.

The life and times of James Naismith and his connection to the city of Lawrence, Kansas—a place where the history of the game mirrors the history of race relations in America.

From talking basketball and life with Kareem and The Bear, to watching a three-on-three tournament unfold in Celebration, Fla., Big Game, Small World is a tale of life and death, war and peace, hope and glory . . . and why two spinning spheres—one great and one small, one rock and one leather—go perfectly together.

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ISBN: 0-446-52601-0

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ISBN: 0-446-67989-5

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