Big Game, Small World
Readings & Appearances
2/28/02—Detroit, WXYT Radio, Kevin Wall

2/25/02—Seattle, KIRO Radio, Vinny Retucci

2/21/02—Raleigh-Durham, WRBZ Radio, Adam Gold

2/19/02—Oklahoma City, WKY Radio, Cam Edwards and Kevin Ward

2/16/02—Princeton, N.J., WPRB Radio, Eben Harrell and Jeremy Weissman

2/14/02—Knoxville, WNOX Radio, Jimmy Hyams and John Wilkerson

2/14/02—Princeton, N.J., Princeton Varsity Club luncheon, reading and signing

2/11/02—Birmingham, WJOX Radio, Matt Coulter and Scott Griffin

2/8/02—Seattle, KIRO Radio, Vinny Retucci

2/7/02—Philadelphia, Comcast SportsNet, Ron Burke, Spotlight

2/7/02—Philadelphia, reading and signing, Penn Bookstore

2/6/02—Philadelphia, Comcast SportsNet, Michael Barkann, Daily News Live

2/3/02—Orlando, WQTM Radio, The Pat Williams Show.

2/2/02—, Q&A. To read this interview, click

1/30/02—New York City, Vanderbilt YMCA, Big Game, Small World launch party

1/24/02—New Haven, Conn., Master’s Tea, Calhoun College, Yale University; reading and signing, Yale Bookstore. To read about the event, click here.

1/24/02—Denver, KKFN Radio, Thierry Smith

1/24/02—Springfield, Mo., KWTO Radio, Kenny Strode

1/24/02—St. Louis, KYKY Radio, Phillips & Co.

1/23/02—Kingston, R.I., reading and signing, Institute for International Sport, University of Rhode Island. Streaming video can be viewed by clicking here. To read about the event, click here.

1/23/02—St. Louis, KTRS Radio, Dan Buck

1/22/02—Providence, WSKO Radio, John Colletto and Andy Gresh

1/21/02—Detroit, WXYT Radio, Kirk Gibson and Gary Danielson

1/20/02—Minneapolis, WCCO Radio, Steve Thompson

1/20/02—Providence, WHJJ Radio, Steve McDonald. Archive of interview can be found here.

1/17/02—Birmingham, WJOX Radio, Matt Coulter and Scott Griffin

1/17/02—The Paul Finebaum Show, regionally syndicated radio

1/17/02—The Bob & Tom Show, nationally syndicated radio

1/17/02—San Francisco, KNBR Radio, Rick Barry

1/16/02—New York City, Budd Mishkin, Sports on 1, New York 1

1/15/02—Des Moines, KXNO Radio, Larry Cotlar and Jim Walden

1/1/02—New York City, WWRL Radio, Leroy Baylor, “Books That Matter”

11/3/01—Brooklyn, N.Y., St. Francis College, Symposium, “The History and Cultural Significance of Basketball.” To obtain an audiocassette of the author’s reading, e-mail:

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